Details that make a difference


Just as the work environment has changed over the years, giving way to flexible schedules, customized work, the use of mobile devices, and even telecommuting, employee motivation and company loyalty has been transformed, giving way to new strategies.

Financial compensation and tangible recognition has taken a backseat in workplace motivation. Today, employees aren’t so committed to a company that only has a good salary to offer them.

A study reveals that 70% of employees surveyed are more motivated by non-monetary tools and recognition, and 79% of those that left their job stated that they did so because they didn’t feel valued by their bosses.

This begs the question of what motivates employees today, in an increasingly competitive and versatile world. There are two keys: fun and recognition.

It has been shown that people that do what they like the most and have fun while doing it feel a greater degree of satisfaction and increased motivation for getting up every day to go to work. This doesn’t mean playing the clown or working from a ball pit; it means promoting creative, friendly and fun spaces where workers can do what they like the best.

Recognition goes beyond the money I receive for doing something I know how to do. It means feeling valued by the company and feeling that what I do is important. People like to be reminded that we do things well and that our effort and dedication to the great project that brought the company great success is acknowledged. Small acknowledgements, like “Good work,” or “We did it thanks to you,” can improve the attitude collaborators bring to their everyday work.

Thus, motivation can be found in the small details, in an enjoyable working environment, in a “thanks for everything” from the boss, in time for relaxing, in active pauses, in the experiences collaborators can have during the day while doing what they like doing the most. It’s simple: keep your employees happy and your company will do well.