From thinking to doing


Any culture process seeks to empower people so it can become a co-creation based more on being than on doing.

Great ideas come out of people. And people make organizations into living beings. Thus, promoting collaborative work is fundamental for achieving greater understanding between all the people that make up a company.

To inspire people from the inside out so that what they do goes hand in hand with a purpose.


The Maker Movement is a global trend that has empowered people in technology and innovation to create their own products.

Great inventions have appeared when their creators least expect, from those with ingenious minds that dared to think differently and to go beyond, but above all from those that risked going from ideas to action, to materialize what their imagination was telling them.

This is the principle of the trend that is redefining the relationship of society with technology, in which technological innovations are no longer created only by large companies, because, according to this movement, today every person has the tools available to create their own products.

Although this movement is related to DIY (Do It Yourself), it promotes collaborative and teamwork, obtaining and producing knowledge as a community and superseding individualism. In other words: DIWO (Do It With Others).

Several communities, applications and tools for creating and promoting creativity and collaborative work exist around this trend. For example, Quirkly, a platform that maximizes people’s creative power joining them together in a community and allowing them to develop their inventive talents with people from other parts of the world. These ideas are then reviewed by a panel of experts in technology and product development, approving two projects a week that are then developed and taken to market.

This movement is a model that evinces the collaboration we can have today thanks to technology and how this allows us to become nearer to each other. Now, how does one become a ‘maker’? In principle, we all could be. We just need to awaken our creativity, become educated and work in community, moving from thinking to doing.