The challenge is in the ideas


There are events around every corner, and of every type. Technology, the social web, and the hyper-connected environment we live in today, are tools that can make a difference when planning and implementing events that will have a real impact on their audience.

In Colombia, we have innumerable technologies available: large format and even water-based screens, 3D projectors, video-mapping, lights, and cutting edge effects and sounds. However, an event’s success lies in great ideas, in the creativity and innovation with which it is developed, and in providing its target audience with a memorable experience, making use of all these technologies.

It’s true that ideas determine the course of an event, but before embarking upon this step, the objective of the event needs to be determined: what it wants to achieve. This is the starting point.

After these magnificent ideas appear, a few other things need to be considered so an impact can be made. They need to be brought down to the level of the audience targeted by the event. It’s useless to offer a rock concert with an amazing lightshow for an audience that is over 60-years-old. Then comes the whole topic of planning. There are three important points:

  1. The invitation: This is the participant’s first contact with the event. It is the point of entry, and, as such, it needs to be sufficiently attractive, original and high impact so the participant will not want to miss the event for anything in the world.
  2. The location: This should be unconventional and not a “fashionable” location that everyone goes to every day. However, it must be well thought out in terms of mobility, parking, and ease of access, among others.
  3. Logistics: The event timing needs to be checked and re-checked. Everything proposed needs to work as planned. Nothing can hinder the event’s proper operation. The logistics should allow for fluidity, comfort and enjoyment.

Don’t forget: the challenge is in the ideas, but also in the way they are executed.