The point of entry to your company


Instagram launched a new logo that seeks to reflect how “vibrant and diverse” the stories that people tell using their platform have become.

And their logo change isn’t just an issue related to the image or to the icon, it relates to the need to adapt to the application’s changes over recent months. A need to move away from its image as a photo-centered app and embrace increasingly audiovisual content.

Instagram’s decision hasn’t been lacking in controversy. Its choice of colors has been controversial and within Instagram itself, almost 4,500 publications have been uploaded with photos of the logo on a black background and the hashtag #RIPInstagram (RIP means Rest In Peace) in protest.

It needs to be kept in mind that, creating a logo from scratch or redesigning an existing one, means thinking toward the future and not focusing simply on what you have today. Logos need to be visionary, simple and versatile enough to look well now, and adapt well to what’s coming. Understanding that, although people typically don’t approve of these changes, and although this type of decision affects users, they guarantee the brand’s permanence and durability.

The world changes at a breakneck speed, and whoever can’t adapt to that change, or create it, even, will end up dying. But, you might ask, what do changes in business or in daily life have to do with the design of a simple logo that identifies a brand or a company.

But it’s not just a logo: it’s the point of entry to your company for potential consumers. It’s the first thing they see when they look for you. Therefore, a logo must be adapted to the environment, simple, attractive and, of course, unique. It must stay in people’s heads, never to leave their minds. It must transmit the brand’s values and essence; and, most importantly in our current environment, it must look good on any device and in any presentation. This is what we mean when we say it must be adaptable.

It is therefore evident that companies must aim for logos based on their brand philosophy and that achieve one main objective: to remain in consumers’ heads. It is the first thing that reaches them and must be the last thing they forget. A logo is the foundation for a solid and efficient corporate identity.

So, remember: simple, adaptable, unique and attractive; this is what your company logo should be like.