The power of a purpose


The words purpose and goal are used interchangeably, as though they meant the same thing. But they are in fact two very different ways of looking at the future. Because purposes never run out. Instead of being stated as figures, as positions, as conquests, they are proposed as permanent actions filled with meaning; powerful fuel for life that don’t depend on precise results but bring meaning to actions. And although defining indicators, results and goals may be necessary, these only commit one human aspect: the competitive and organizational aspect, leaving to one side an immense potential for commitment and passion that purposes can provide. Therefore, we say that goals are points of arrival, while purposes are daily starting points. Goals change the world from the outside, and purposes transform the world from the inside out.

But to reach a purpose, and to take hold of it as the most valuable thing, one needs to become immersed in oneself and retrieve all those actions that make life meaningful: creation, fun, learning, transcendence, love or service are, for example, powerful drivers for life that will not run out no matter how many goals are achieved. The same things happen with communities, companies and cities, who can search their essence for purposes that will lead them to project themselves and impact the world in their own way. And in these case, it won’t be people, but inspired and convinced teams that do this. Thus, a shared purpose has meaning for the past, because it responds to an essence; for the present, because it drives the day-to-day; and for the future, because it intervenes and transforms reality.

We are therefore convinced that creating and sharing purpose drives development, growth and construction.